The fastest website loading speeds for your visitors coming from the U.S.A., Canada or even Latin America

In case your memory–hungry multimedia websites are going to be aimed toward users from USA, Canada or even Latin America, in that case our US located datacenter offers the optimal virtual hosting solution for you. The Colohouse data center is found in downtown Chicago and serves a few of the largest telecom companies in the US. It provides complete redundancy in network connectivity and power thereby it’s excellent for hosting your demanding sites and web applications.

Making use of the US Based VPS Plans option is uncomplicated. Simply decide on the configuration you prefer, picking from a range of VPS solutions on our website afterwards choose the US located datacenter on the sign up form. Our administrators are going to set up the server for you at the US located datacenter without cost and will also be at your beck and call 24x7 to assure a 99.9% network uptime. In addition, they’re going to perform every–week off–site backups of your respective VPS to make certain your data is kept safe constantly.

Other US Hosting Services

We provide you with even more with our US located datacenter further than Virtual Private Servers. We have US Based Cloud Web Hosting packages and also US Based Semi-dedicated Hosting Plans offering a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. We have got US Based Dedicated Web Hosting Plans, which offer unparalleled hosting power and that can support any type of site. All US hosting services are sold along with our cost–free Website Control Panel. It’s meant to make every day hosting tasks quick & uncomplicated. Moreover, it comes full of loads of free and incredibly valuable bonuses and tools to help you boost your website.